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Sheffield serene reflection meditation group is affiliated to the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives, founded in the 1970s by internationally recognised Zen Master Roshi Jiyu Kennet

Affiliated groups,  like the Sheffield group,  are made up of ordinary men and women seeking to practise together and support each other in their training.

We meet for meditation every Wednesday throughout the year (August excepted) and hold local one-day or weekend retreats three or four times a year. Newcomers are always welcome and meditation instruction is always available. No charge is made for these events; donations are always appreciated.See the Forthcoming events page for more info

Reverend Gareth, from Throssel Hole Abbey,  is the monk with special responsibility for supporting our group : leading retreats, giving talks and offering individual spiritual counselling in Sheffield. Many thanks to his predecessor Rev Master Leandra

On this page the photo's are links to relevant audio

There is some experimentation with group activities.This is an organic process you can contribute to.There are downloads with more info below
Intensive Retreat download

Lay Residentials download

Activity overview download